The Tapestry Condo Restaurants Nearby

The tapestry Condo is surrounded by amenities namely schools, park. It is accessible on MRT and other transportation. A truly ideal home for the multi-generational family. For a family that loves to eat out almost every day. There is a place where you will enjoy your eating fellowship. Here are the Tapestry Condo Restaurants Nearby.


Located at Tampines 1 Mall at 10 Tampines Central 1. Service here is friendly. The pork is so fresh super seasoned yet not salty. Thus, they have a premium pork that can’t replicate at home. The cheese meatballs so tasty. We simply love the spinach tofu really fantastic.

Crystal Jade Kitchen

In 4 Tampines Central 5, B1-11, you will find this dim sum restaurant that is superior to others. Surely will find yourself coming back here.

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Great Chinese cuisine. Friendly staff and efficient. The dishes are flavorful. One recommendation is the gong bao chicken cubes. Suitable place for families and groups.

Soi Thai Kitchen

Another place in the location of Blk 824 Tampines Street 81. It is a place that is best for fried rice. Its honey pork is really tasty. The Tom yum soup a little spicy but it is tasty.

Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen

In Miam Miam they bring the best out of French Cuisine. And traditional Japanese preparation and cooking arts. The servers were efficient, they managed their crowds pleasantly. Not to mention, the Miam Miam spaghetti is fabulous. Definitely, you will keep on coming back here.

Seoul Garden Restaurant

If you love to eat more, this is the right place. They offer buffet style menu with 130 food choices. They have a signature of Asian and Korean marinates. The ingredients that will keep on eating.

Other Common Restaurant

There are also common restaurants that can find in other countries such as Subway best known for their sandwiches. Another delightful to eat is Delifrance a French cuisine best on Croissant and other french bread best for your breakfast and snacks. In addition, they also offer different meals- lunch and dinner. For pizza lover. Pizza Hut, best on the different variety of pizza and chicken. Moreover, Mc Donalds long-running fast food chains and KFC best in fried chicken.

Therefore, with all these lists. There are still other restaurants in Tampines that you will love to visit and try to eat.

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